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So happy you are here! Know that J. Soulae was birthed from a place of need and it is my passion! Life can be challenging, and nothing is more isolating than feeling as though you will be ostracized for seeking help.  I assure you, that is not the case here.  You will be heard. You will be seen. You will be supported. 

A few areas that I specialize in are listed below, however I am trained to take any healing journey you need to maximize your true potential.  I guarantee confidentiality, consistency, and transparency.  If you were looking for confirmation that you have found the right therapist . . .  J. Soulae is it!  I invite you to take a look around, get comfortable, and schedule your session today. 

A happier, healthier you is waiting on the other side of this difficult time.

Therapy Sessions

One-on-one sessions purposed to target the emotions, thoughts, and areas that may be causing delay, discomfort, or stress in your everyday life.


Mommies are Superheroes but at times, they need help too! Postpartum sessions are fully designed with moms in mind.  No emotion, struggle, or truth is off limits.  J. Soulae is well-equipped to walk you through.


This will be an experience like none you've ever known, and I couldn't be more excited to design this program for you!

A room with
About Your Therapist

Jessica Ramos


• Mother of a toddler

• Crime Show Enthusiast

• PPA & PPD Survivor

• Trained in Maternal Mental Health

• Advanced Training in PMADs and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

• Licensed to serve in TX, MD, and DC

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